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Cookie Policy

How does this site use cookies? 

Information is collected automatically through browser cookies when you access, use or interact with our site. For example:

  • Browser and device data: Device type, operating system, general geographic location, browser type, screen resolution, etc.

  • Usage data: Time spent on the site, content viewed, clicked and pages that referred or led you to the website. 

  • Interaction with components: we collect information about how you interact with our pop ups. For example, when you click on 'donate' or 'volunteer'.

We use cookies that Wix tracks to analytics the site operations, and analytics. These cookies help us to  better understand our visitors behaviour when interacting with the site.

What kinds of cookies and tracking technologies are used?

Persistent and Session Cookies

Persistent cookies are cookies that help us recognize single users. They are stored on their device in between browser sessions, allowing us to remember your preferences and actions across our site and on multiple visits. Session cookies expire at the end of your browser session, allowing us to link your actions during a particular browsing session.

3rd Party Cookies

Third party cookies are set by other service providers like Wix or Google Ads, enable their features or functionalities to be provided through the Website used.  These cookies recognize your device when in visits.

Google 360 Ads

We use Google Ads to track the progress of our initiviate. We do not collect do not collect any personal information that can be used to identify you. This helps us analyse data about our campaign advertised on Google. 

Why do we use cookies?

Our website uses  cookies that are necessary or essential to the functioning of our website design, performance, and usability.  The cookies below may be set by Wix or Google Ads to help us perform better the functions below:  


Strictly Necessary: These cookies and tracking technologies let you navigate our Services and use essential features. Without these technologies, we are unable to deliver core functionality of our Services, products and services to you.


Performance: These cookies and tracking technologies to help understand how visitors are interacting with our website. and visitors interact with our Services. They information about areas of website visited, time spent, and any error messages. They do not collect any information that could identify you.


Functional: These cookies and tracking technologies are used to provide certain services or to remember settings that will improve a visit, but are not essential to use of our website. They may include personal information that you have disclosed to us. Note that the website asks for name, e-mail, address. Payment is controlled by Paypal on their site that have their own privacy policy.


Social Media Cookies: These cookies are set by third parties, Facebook and Twitter, and allow you to share content or what you chose from our website via social media.

Why do you collect non-personal and personal information?

  • To provide a better user experience and design.

  • To be able to contact visitors that provide their name, last name, address, e-mail, and comments when signing up to volunteer, donating or subscribing to the newsletter. We do NOT collect IP address, credit card or other sensitive information. Payment is being collected via PayPal.

  • To collect statistical data and other non-personal information to improve our website.

  • To comply with with applicable laws and regulations.

Can I control cookies?

Internet browsers let you change your cookie settings via the “options’ or “preferences” menu in your chosen browser. If you set your browser to refuse or block all cookies, certain features or functionalities of our the website may be limited or unavailable.  will  

Some internet browsers include the ability to transmit “do not track” signals. Our website do not currently process or respond to such “do not track” signals. It is important to note that third-party services offered through the Wix app Market, using their own tracking technologies, have their own policies on how they collect and store information. 

Further information about deleting and blocking cookies can be found at


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