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  • NO to the proposed Highway 118 bypass.  Its bad for the environment including the Muskoka River and bad for our local business.

  • I believe the current urban boundary should be drawn inward to exclude wetlands and environmentally sensitive areas.  Lets have strict limits to physical growth and population.

  • Any development approvals should match existing infrastructure. Current approved subdivisions will already overtax existing sewage treatment plants. Why should you the current taxpayer pay higher taxes and even higher water and sewage rates to expand infrastructure so that outside developers can make even bigger profits.

  • We need height limits or we may end up with high rise towers in Town and on our lakes.  I am proposing a 4 to 5 story height limit.

  • No more subdivisions around lakes.  In one case there are 900 homes already  being built on a small lake with rumors of other proposals coming forward soon.

  • Preserve open space and our limited remaining farmland.

  • The current subdivisions being built do nothing to provide housing and rents that local residents can afford. In fact many of these luxury million dollar houses are being bought by foreign speculators. Any existing approved  new subdivisions should reflect different housing needs and costs and be built in an environmentally sustainable plan.


  • Why is the town allowing developers to cut down every tree on a site, and blast the site flat. What just happened at the roundabout on Taylor road and north Manitoba Street is appalling. 100 year old trees were cut down right to the sidewalk.  In the past subdivisions in town respected the natural landscape and were built to leave mature trees in place.


  • Existing subdivisions are not paying their way with the reduced development fees.  Already in place approvals require major sewage plant expansion and costs to the environment and hundreds of millions of dollars.



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