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  • Muskoka Royale and it’s type of development don’t belong in Muskoka. Major projects should not be built beside and on top of wetlands.  Henry Marsh  and its endangered species are threatened.  This site was never contemplated as a school with 1800 foreign students. Why should a provincially significant wetland such as the Henry Marsh and surrounding area be placed in the urban centre plan and be targeted for high growth. Tourism is a major driver of the Muskoka economy. Let’s not spoil the reasons tourists come here See for more info.


  • No to Mega Quarries – the expansion of the Fowler Child’s Quarry to 850 acres on Bonnie Lake Road will see hundreds of additional large diesel trucks, 24 hour operations and blasting.  40 acres of wetlands destroyed. The impact this brings to Bracebridge will be immense. Dust, noise, poisonous diesel soot and air pollution with major health and safety issues as these trucks rumble through our town, spewing off diesel smoke and poisonous silica dust. This area that currently filters the water into the Muskoka River will now send industrial chemical residue into the Muskoka River and Lake Muskoka.  Bracebridge’s water supply is directly impacted.  The quarry, currently operating at one tenth the size,  is already a major problem for residents.  See for more info.

  • End excessive tree cutting clearcutting and blasting – the events of the last two months where major sites on Taylor Road (at the roundabout) and Manitoba Street were clearcut of trees shocked all residents. Excessive clearcutting must be stopped!

  • Protect water quality and the entire Muskoka watershed (including flood protection) ​


  • No to residential subdivisions on shorelines.  Our shorelines must be protected.


  • Save our turtles and biodiversity – the Town has ignored provincial laws with respect to Endangered Species and Species at Risk and done unnecessary damage to turtle nests and habitat  – why is this allowed to continue?  We should not stand for this. I will continue to protect turtles and our natural habitat and wildlife.

  • Full Endangered Species Act compliance for all projects and developments.


  • The current proposal on Fraserburg Road to pave over 1000 feet of Muskoka River shoreline and destroy turtle nesting grounds (Snapping, Painted and endangered Blandings turtles) is a travesty.  Why must we blight our pristine shorelines.  The District road engineers admit that it won’t solve the road flooding problem on Fraserburg road but still push these wasteful multi million dollar projects that help no one but the road contractors. See for more info.


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